New coffee machine!

Yes, BizSpace has moved up from the Nespresso machine. We now have a new machine that doesn't require plastic and foil around every shot of coffee, and makes better coffee to boot! *individual experiences may vary.

If you've used a manual coffee machine before you're all good to go. The portafilter is set up with a single-shot basket. Just watch out for the machine slipping around, we're working on better workspaces for the kitchen area.

We're currently using Max Coffee morning blend, lets us know how it tastes!

If you'd rather continue using Nespresso and bring your own pods the machine isn't gone, we're rearranging the kitchen area so it gets a home.

Important notes

Always empty the portafilter, if coffee is left in the filter it will damage the machine.
Always leave the empty portafilter on the grouphead, but do not tighten.
Always clean the milk wand.

Do not adjust the grind amount or fineness, if you think it's wrong ask Phillip at Ion Technologies.


The machine is pretty simple to operate, but if you've never used one before it can be tricky. Feel free to ask Phillip at Ion Technologies how to operate it, or drop an email to [email protected] to book a time!

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